An insight into the power of channeling through spirituality with popular American psychic medium, Amy Jo Ellis.

When Amy Jo Ellis realised she had just unlocked a door that would change her life forever, there was no going back. In 2014, Amy Jo’s husband had been at odds with his family for a very long time. For ten years, parents no longer spoke to their children and brothers no longer spoke to their sisters. Saddest of all, not a single person from his big family would call on his birthday. It got to the point where there was no solution.

Distressed and confused about what could be done, Amy Jo dealt with her frustration and sadness for her in laws’ troubles by ‘channeling. In a nutshell, this meant asking herself a question, sitting down quietly, waiting for the answers to come to her, and writing them down. While looking for a solution to solve her husband’s conflicts however, an answer came to her: place their souls in a ‘Court of Atonement’.

Confused and skeptical at first, Amy Jo broke down this novelty into a bite-sized chunk.


In theological studies, the term ‘atonement refers to the cleansing of impurity and sin. For Amy Jo however, this was overthinking it. Breaking down the answer that came to her, meant breaking down the words themselves: court of at-one-ment. In other words, putting back together (back to hold). The Court of Atonement is a method of channeling souls into an imagined legal court, where two or more souls can reconcile with issues of the past and reconnect on a spiritual level.

A court of law.

Sitting there in silence, Amy Jo sat back and listened to the court proceeding develop in her mind. With a pen in her hand, she listened as the charges and accusations were thrown from one member of the family to another. She wrote down the answers of the plaintiffs and defendants:

‘Guilty! Not guilty! Guilty with probable cause…’

The beauty of a court setting is the ability for each member of the family to explain their reasoning in a space facilitating being heard. Indeed, at the end of the proceeding, each member of the court expresses feelings of remorse and forgiveness.

Girl writes down her thoughts in journal.
Statue of Lady Justice.












A few months later, on her husband’s birthday, the phone rang. Every, single, one of his siblings called to wish him a happy birthday. Amy Jo had never witnessed his family show affection and care in this way before. According to Amy Jo, this was proof human souls have more agency then we might acknowledge.

Five years, three books, and hundreds of conferences later, Amy Jo has perfectioned the spiritual principle of the Court of Atonement. Here is a breakdown of how it functions and some of the most powerful real-life stories she claims the Court of Atonement has influenced. 

Amy Jo Ellis’s first book: Making Peace With the Past Using the Court of Atonement

Step by Step, how can I use the Court of Atonement?

  1. Fill in the blank. “I, [plaintiff], place myself into a full court of atonement with [the respondent’s full name]. I ask to have our timelines analyzed and correct all conflict between us at their points of origin.”

 Side note: if you forget someone’s names, focus or look for a picture of that person’s face. Amy Jo suggests searching pictures of people on Facebook to look into their eyes!

  1. Summon their souls. Saying the above phrase out loud is the most basic way of bringing into one’s imagined court the souls that need to be reconciliated. There is no need to repeat it unless one feels the need to correct an unwanted habit or clear a particular energy or feeling.
  1. Listening to the court proceedings and writing down the answers that come to you. Who is guilty of what crime? What is everyone’s side of the story? How does each person feel? 
  1. Everyone that has said the Full Court of Atonement has not worked for them, have come back and said it took a longer time then they expected, but in the end, it worked, says Amy Jo.

I was really sick in Puerto Rico. I got this infection, I had no idea where it was coming from. I lived on a tiny island with just one emergency room that didn’t have a lab, but I was too sick to take the ferry to the next island to get things done.

We hadn’t figured it out yet and I thought: I’m dying.

The weaker I got, the more I thought about a pendulum technique I had learned in a class years ago. Funny enough, my research with this led me to questioning if I was suffering from a bladder infection. Sure enough, I had E. coli. From then on, I was hyper aware of the way you could tie into an energy that was not divine.” – Amy Jo Ellis, the first time she explored the power of psychic medium on herself.

Scene in Puerto Rico.

I went to see a woman with severe back aches. She had sciatica. She had it so badly that she was bed ridden for months. She would only be able to make trips in between waves of pain.

She would get up from her bed and walk to her bed side table, wait for a wave of pain to pass, and then make her way to the bathroom and wait for the other wave. This is what her day consisted of.”

Amy Jo got the sense something had happened in the woman’s life nine months ago. Sure enough, something had. Just nine months before, the woman had gone through a terrible breakup with her boyfriend. She agreed to place both their full names in a Court of Atonement and apologize for her part in their conflict. The more she allowed the court proceeding to develop in her mind, the better she felt. That same day, the woman went on a four hour walk on the beach.

Woman with severe back aches.

Side note: Amy Jo emphasises she never suggests trying the Court of Atonement instead of seeking medical help. She suggests it is simply a possible option to fixing issues that are perhaps, the root of one’s physical or mental problems.

Who is Amy Jo how has she used the Court of Atonement to help others?

From a singer/songwriter living in a trailer park to a psychic medium teaching hundreds of web audiences, the Court of Atonement has given Amy Jo a new life. Once Amy Jo had fully established and learnt how the Court of Atonement worked, she felt confident enough she could begin sharing what she had found with clients. Underestimating her popularity at first, she began opening up her schedule to one on one sessions for a $75 donation. Much to her surprise, her automated calendar was booked 6 months in advance and had hardly any way of slowing down – even after trying to raise the price to up to $300!

As she rose in popularity, she expanded her services to what she calls, one on one groups’. This is where 10-15 people sit together on for example, a zoom conference call, and watch as Amy Jo speaks to one particular person at a time. For Amy Jo, anyone and everyone has the ability to channel… the trick is: figuring out how you are understanding it.

“If you just put your intention on it, you can figure it out”.

Cup of tea during zoom call.

The main thinking behind Amy Jo’s entire philosophy around the Court of Atonement is enhancing the human placebo and nocebo effect. This is the main way she has been able to help cure so many people. She suggests in an example about curing cancer: if doctors came out with a pill that cured cancer in a moment, 33 out of 100 patients tested would walk out of the door completely cured from it. Here, placebo has a potent role in convincing the individual into thinking otherwise.

“Why is all this money being spent on medicine and not the placebo effect? That’s my job.” says Amy Jo.

Several sheets of pills.

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