From journalists Fearne Cotton and Bryony Gordon to actress Jameela Jamil, these podcasts delve into the subjects of mental health, body image, sexuality and female empowerment. 

1. Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

Happy Place, a podcast by British author and presenter Fearne Cotton, explores the little ways we can all find happiness in our daily lives in a bid to overcome feeling blue.

Through its nine series, Fearne delves into the importance of mental health and seeking joy within ourselves, chatting to inspirational guests about their experiences to help offer a positive perspective on life and happiness.

Self-confidence, mindfulness, resilience, gratitude, love and loss are all discussed in depth, allowing insight into the many ways we can seek happiness.

This podcast will make you laugh and cry: from expert advice to Fearne’s own personal challenges, you will finish each episode with a new way of looking at life.

2. Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap

In this exciting and informative podcast, Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First 100K, guides you through a journey of financial empowerment.

By teaching you how to earn more and spend less, invest and feel confident in your financial decisions, Tori helps with “fighting the patriarchy by making you rich”

Through personal experiences and interviews with experts and special guests, this podcast equips you with the resources you need to achieve financial freedom.

3. I Weigh by Jameela Jamil

Through I Weigh, actress and activist Jameela Jamil has created a mental health movement, focused on the amplification of diversity and mental wellbeing.

In this podcast, Jameela talks with fellow activists, social media influencers, actors and friends about challenging social norms and moving beyond ideas of perfection.

She touches on her own experiences with eating disorders, growing up as a racial minority and the challenges she has faced during her career in the public eye.

At the end of each podcast episode, Jameela asks her guests what they weigh, but instead of answering in pounds or kilos, they are encouraged to express their weight as a measurement of personal value such as achievements, passions, actions and ambitions . This podcast will leave you feeling inspired and open to conversations about mental health and inclusivity.

4. Mad World by Bryony Gordon

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World explores exactly that – the mad world in which we live and how we can begin to make sense of it.

In intimate conversations with her guests, Bryony shares the diversity in experiences of mental health, from well-known figures such as Happy Place’s Fearne Cotton, to NHS nurses on the frontline working against coronavirus.

In this podcast, Bryony shares it all, ultimately seeking to normalise conversations around mental health.

5. The Sexual Happiness Podcast by Lovehoney

This podcast is vibrant, witty, fun and full of ways to boost your sexual happiness. Hosted by the humorous and knowledgeable team at Lovehoney, each episode explores a new topic relating to sexual wellbeing, from sexuality and relationships to cheeky tips and tantalising stories.

The series introduces many exciting guests, including sexual health experts and social media influencers which offer a broad understanding of all things sex, placing an emphasis on positive communication, consent and relationship building.

In exploring these ideas, Lovehoney will help you to build your self-confidence and reclaim sexual happiness.













Hannah first began writing as a way of documenting the experiences of her nomadic childhood, hopping between the rugged borders of England and Wales before making the leap to live in Sydney, Australia.She has explored a plethora of writing styles, namely poetry and short fiction. Now, equipped with a degree in English Literature, she is delving into the world of journalistic writing with a particular focus on travel, mental health and feminist issues.

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