Learning to tune into the moon’s emotional authority can help maximise our potential.

Cyclical living is how many people harness the moon’s energy and use it as form of meditation. It is a positive way of untangling mental knots to carry out goals and solve problems.

The various forms of the moon can often sway emotions into being erratic, irritable, and cranky which in turn effects productivity. Taking advantage of the eight cyclical stages help prevent entanglement in the moon’s emotional sovereignty.

Cyclical living allows the body to create a meditative rhythm whilst facilitating spiritual and cognitive structure.


The moon has the following phases:
1. New moon
2. Waxing Crescent
3. First quarter
4. Gibbous moon
5. Full moon
6. Waning gibbous moon
7. Last quarter
8. Waning crescent



Just like gods and goddesses who use the moon to represent cosmic energy, we can harness its energy too. Each phase of the moon enables a unique way to reflect and work on ambitions. It helps balance action and reflection, and improve wellbeing.

Moon affirmations:

1. New Moon (a slither in the sky/ hardly visible)

The ‘reset’ period.  A time to set goals and be quietly creative. Draw mind maps, journals, plan, create and redefine aspirations.

Focus on future and planning, play and dream.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon (quarter size)

The next step after making plans, work out how to set the realistic goals into action, reflecting on intentions is also important. Gather up energy and work on ideas for self-improvement.

This period can be a bit trialling as it is not yet time to act upon the earlier reflections however, the cosmic energy is starting to push.

3. First quarter moon (half-moon)

Energies are building, time to make some of those reflections into actions. The Moon is now half and half, think of that as a symbol: half reflection and half action.

4. Gibbous Moon (three-quarters full)

The point to turn it up a notch. This is the last leg before it all slows down. Add in more action.

5. Full Moon (whole)

A spell of reflective celebration, enjoy and live in the moment whilst meditating on accomplishments. Foster the feeling of pride with achievements, no matter how small.

The full moon expands energy, this is a time for social events, displaying projects, let go of concerns and worries not aligned with earlier goals.

Even though it is a time of celebration, the full moon is an occasion to slow things down, to appreciate what one has, emotions tend to run high at this time, allow the feelings to flow and acknowledge them.

Waning gibbous moon
6. Waning Gibbous Moon (three-quarters on the other side)

Assess the first half of the cycle: what has gone well and what to improve.

Source the distractions and energy leaks. This is not something to complete alone either, seek out others for help and recharge relationships.

7. Last quarter Moon (half-moon)

The tide is turning at this point, release that breath and let go. Get rid of negative energy and anything that is obstructing goals and dreams.

Time for some mental spring cleaning and if mental cleaning is not working try the physical.

8. Waning crescent moon (quarter size)

This is the last little step before the cycle begins again. Refocus, look within, and reflect. Think about desires and ways to realign those desires to later achieve them.

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